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Look, I know I’m not attractive and beautiful, I’m not stupid and trying to fool myself. I know that when people look at me they don’t think to themselves “What a pretty face.” or “Hey, look at her, mate!”. It’s not something I expect or something that I presume, not even close. All I have to say is that looks might matter but they aren’t everything. They might make you who you are, but that doesn’t work the same way for me. In my perspective personality is the key to life along with a good set of neurons and strong bones. In an ideal world, sure I’d love to have a great personality, amazing hair, a pretty face, flawless skin and normal sized hands, but hey, this is reality and the differences in personality and physically are what makes our world such a beautiful place. We can’t go around wishing for a blonde hair and long legs or transforming who we are to please our society or what we think society wants. We have to live for ourselves, we have to realize that everyone is wonderful in their own way, no matter how lame that sounds, it’s true.