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What is a best friend? Well for me a best friend isn’t someone you are with twenty four hours a day. It isn’t someone who knows your phone number by heart, comes to your house every weekend and eats lunch with you everyday. It isn’t someone who missed you when you are sick for one day of school. It isn’t someone who knows you better than you know yourself. It isn’t someone who is in all your classes, like the same things as you do and plays the same sport as you. For me a best friend is someone who makes you a better person. For me a best friend is someone who is going to be there when you need them, but they don’t suffocate you with their presence. They are someone who you can fart in front of. Someone you can fall asleep on the phone with easily. Someone you can pee on the phone with. Someone who, when they look like hell, you can tell them and they will just slap you around or say “Yeah, I know, you too buddy!”. Best friend, for me, is synonymous to family.